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Wood texture vinyl floor has high chemical resistance and low water absorbency. Apr 09, 2018

Wood texture vinyl base plate has good chemical resistance.


The material used in the wood grain ethylene base plate is that it has good chemical corrosion resistance. Besides concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid, it will not be corroded in all the alkaline solution and acid solution, and will be used in the temperature (80oC's concentrated hydrochloric acid). It also appears in the nitric acid and <75% sulphuric acid of <20%. More stable, for water and liquid washing is also very stable. )


The wood - shaped ethylene base plate has very low water absorption.


The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene of Wood texture vinyl plate is very low in water absorption. It almost doesn't absorb water. It doesn't expand in water and is much less absorbent than nylon.


Wood texture vinyl base plate has good thermal properties.


According to the ASTM (load 4.6kg/cm2) method, the thermal deformation temperature is actually maintained at 85oC, under a relatively small load, and it will reach 90oC at its use temperature. Under special circumstances, it is allowed to be used at a higher temperature, because the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a kind of excellent toughness material. As a result, its low performance will also be excellent. It still has a certain ductility at the low temperature of -269oC, but there is no evidence of embrittlement.


The wood - shaped ethylene base plate has excellent electrical properties.


The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene in the wood grain ethylene base is in a wide range of temperature, at this time it will also have excellent electrical properties, its volume resistance can reach 10-18CM, the breakdown voltage can reach 50KV/mm, the dielectric constant is 2.3. In a relatively wide range of temperature and frequency, its electrical performance is relatively small. In the range of heat resistance, it is suitable for electrical engineering structural materials and paper mill materials.


The wood grain vinyl flooring is nontoxic.


The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (hmdpe) in the wood grain ethylene base plate is tasteless, nontoxic, odorless, and has no corrosiveness itself. It has physiological and physiological adaptability. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) allow it to be used in contact with food and medicine. These characteristics of Wood texture vinyl floor, especially wear resistance, impact resistance and self lubrication, are among the best in engineering plastics.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/