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Advantages of commercial and residential wood imitation WPC floor tiles Aug 21, 2018

Solid wood flooring because of the special material and favored by users, but solid wood flooring is generally expensive, so out of the commercial and residential wood-like WPC floor tiles. Although its price is higher than that of ordinary floor tiles, its price is much lower than that of wooden flooring.


Because the commercial and residential wood-like WPC floor tiles have long service life and wear resistance, low cost and long use time, most of them can be used for more than ten or twenty years, and the cost performance is relatively high. And its surface by waterproof treatment, can be directly wiped with water to clean the surface of the dust, usually, water and standard neutral detergent can be completed clean, anti-fouling ability is strong, cleaning and maintenance than wood floors many simple.


Commercial and residential wood-like WPC floor tiles can be laid in living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and other major space, and for the inconvenient use of wood floors kitchen, bathroom space, wood-like tiles can also be laid, wide space for application. Because of the variety of wood-like WPC floor tiles in commercial and residential areas, different techniques can be created to present different textures, which can provide consumers with more choice of texture.


And commercial and residential wood-like WPC floor tiles have a variety of patterns, shapes and colors, consumers in the style and texture of the choice, more than wood flooring. In addition, commercial and residential wood-like WPC floor tiles board very good combination of wood floors and tile characteristics, to avoid the wood floor may exist formaldehyde problems. It is not only more environmentally friendly, but also flame retardant, fire resistant and corrosion resistant.