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What is the solid wood wall panel? What are the features of it? Mar 13, 2018

Wood clapboard is also supporting plate for indoor wall, by upper and lower horizontal frame, vertical frame, core plate and angle frame, with lace and groove thickness more gradually smaller on the inside of the upper and lower horizontal frame, upper and lower horizontal frame can be inserted into different length plug using concave and convex, vertical frame has upper and lower horizontal frame inside the same structure of both sides of the transverse, longitudinal ends of wood clapboard and the upper and lower horizontal frame structure inside plug corresponding to the both sides of the transverse angle frame has grooves, core plate is inserted in the upper and lower horizontal frame, a vertical frame or angle the formation of the box frame.


Solid wood wall panel has better wear resistance and impact resistance.


The wall panel has high compressive strength and flexural strength, which is the upgrading product of latex paint. The wear-resistant and anti loss of the solid wood wall panel is better than the common paint and wallpaper, and it is more suitable if there are children in the house. Home TV background, sofa background, restaurant background and bedside background and other areas can well protect the wall, and you can also hang or paste decorative paintings and warm photos.


The solid wood wall panel has the characteristics of health and environmental protection.


The wood material used in the solid wood wall panel has the characteristics of natural environmental protection and unodorless installation. The whole room is decorated when the process is not painted, to solve the decoration material time and paint flavor, such as long volatilization of the problem.


Solid wood wall panel has the ability to adjust air:


The natural wood structure used in solid wood wall panels regulates the moisture in the air. When the vapor pressure in the air is greater than that in the wood, the moisture is absorbed from the air. On the contrary, it is desorbed. Wood can adjust the moisture in the air through its own breathing. It gives you the fatigue of the body.


Solid wood wall panel can show high grade and grade.


Solid wood panel is hundreds of years before the first European castles and palaces were first used, today more panels are widely used in high-grade villas and five star hotel, with wood paneling classical culture art essence is the pursuit of high-end high-grade life taste and enjoy the first choice.